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Enhancing Behavioral Choices Office Policies

Fee Agreement for Services

In Person/ In office-face to face sessions:
Sessions conducted in my office will be 50 minutes long. The last five minutes of the session time will be used to set up future appointments and pay for the full fee for that day. Any additional time we spend in a session over 50 minutes will be billed by a percentage of your sliding scale fee.

Telephone contact-client, family/parent, other treatment providers, school personnel, or any other person(s) related to your case:
You agree to pay for any time I spend on your case via the telephone. This will include time I spend on the phone speaking to the client, the parent(s), other health care providers, school personnel, legal representatives and other people related to your case. The fee for these calls will be based on your sliding scale rate for office-face to face sessions.

Letters written and/or documents prepared/reviewed:
You agree to pay for time I spend preparing letters and/or documents relating to your case in any way. This will be charged based on the time spent preparing the letters/documents (or reviewing letter/documents when not done during session time).

Cancellation Policy:
All clients are required a minimum of 48-hours cancellation notice by voicemail. If you do not contact me within 48 hours or your scheduled session time to cancel your appointment, you will be charged the full fee for that session. The only exceptions to this rule are either inclement weather (which would create dangerous driving conditions), or, an onset of sudden, serious illness occurring within the 48-hour time frame. Even with these exceptions to the 48-hour cancellation rule, if you repeatedly miss sessions, I will have to discontinue treatment with you and refer you elsewhere.

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